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Archives 2008

December 23: Why did charter kids score higher? The editors spoke from on high
December 22: The Post reviewed DC’s charter schools—and committed a statistical blunder

December 19: We tried to learn why Rhee’s story had changed. Here’s why that actually matters
December 18: Courrégé’s superlative work made us stop and ponder
December 17: The nonsense was general all over cable. This morning, a Bonesman concurred
December 16: Does Time magazine know squat from squadoodle concerning low-income schools?
December 15: Does Gladwell know squat about public schools? At this point, is knowledge required?

December 12: Vacuous pundits are still parsing hard. This week, skilled progressives pushed back
December 11: Does climate change really threaten the world? But first, a governor’s hair
December 10: The New York Times seems out of shape when it tries to debunk a false tale
December 9: Teach for America doesn’t work, the Post said–as it hailed Teach for America!
December 8: Bill Clinton praised someone who rented a house—and the Village press swung into action

December 5: Michelle Rhee vastly downsizes her tale. A big magazine doesn’t notice
December 4: A famous cult has its way once again. Why is Rendell still surprised?
December 3: Stanley dreamed another drama. We were thrilled when a blogger complained
December 2: “Attention must be paid,” Carlson said. Is she the world’s biggest fraud?
December 1: Friday night, we won a great win. As always, the discourse had suffered

November 26: It’s easy to believe–in miracles–when pundits discuss public schools
November 25: Has Arlington County super-achieved? Why not check basic data?
November 24: Fred Hiatt shows how easy it is to prescribe "reform" for the schools

November 21: At long last, we start our back-to-school week, musing on what Kristof said
November 20: Hitchens erupted in gender-based insults. Did he play a race card too?
November 19: The loonier wing of the Dowd-Matthews axis toys with the country again
November 18: Obama may end the War on Brains. But how about his supporters?
November 17: Pundits have showcased their D-plus culture in the weeks since Obama’s win

November 14: When Kristof named the Masters of War, he knew which names to omit
November 13: Will Colbert King do and say anything? This past weekend, we weren’t quite sure
November 12: Have you seen The Truman Show? Do you live in a “country” like that?
November 11: Pundits raved about Palin, Rich said. Frankly, it was just one more fantasy
November 10: One was Rich—and one was a King. They churned remarkable columns

November 7: Sign us up for “something wrong,” we said after reading Krugman
November 6: Dowd is front-running hard today. Had Clinton won, life would be different
November 5: A fascinating piece in the Post helps flesh out the greatest race ever
November 4: To Broder, it was the greatest campaign. To us, it was the dumbest
November 3: Frank Rich was quite high-minded this week. Guess what he wrote in the past

November 1: We’ll tell the truth starting now, Kevin says. To our mind, that isn’t enough
October 31: McCain has been making the world’s dumbest claims. Our side has largely allowed it
October 30: Voters have never heard the truth. Here’s why they never will
October 29: She played the fool eight years ago—and she plays the fool today
October 28: Our young analysts spit-took their bagels when Herbert praised Clinton’s fine run
October 27: The backlash is on, with Palin defended against the attacks on her clothes

October 24: Our thoughts roamed back to Sandburg’s portrait as Obama flew off this week
October 23: No one de-Americanized Gore, Matthews said. No one, that is, except Matthews
October 22: Klein front-runs for Obama—today. For whom will he front-run tomorrow?
October 21: Will someone stop Josh Marshall before he defends Bush again?
October 20: McCain ran robocalls in 2000 too. Joe Klein agrees to forget

October 18: Frankly, Rich encouraged war—the war your side tends not to win
October 15: Brooks calls Palin the “worst of talk” as we head off on assignment
October 14: Krugman didn’t accept the insanity. At his high level, all others did
October 13: Rich began in a typical way—with an absurd misstatement

October 11: Who produced that partisan probe? The Post forgets to say
October 10: Her colleagues began zoning out, Katty said, because the debate was so serious
October 9: Boo hoo hoo, says the Dean of All Pundits--many years too late
October 8: The New York Times keeps telling the tale about the once-great Saint McCain
October 7: Chris Matthews tried to defend Obama. As always, he seemed unprepared
October 6: The Post says the achievement gap is shrinking. But the Post has bungled again

October 4: The Post says the achievement gap is shrinking. But the Post has bungled again
October 3: Couric is paid $15 million per year–and it’s hard to get help at that price
October 2: Ifill should have been dumped from her debate—back in 2004
October 1: A savvy e-mailer tells us we should pipe down. But first, a word about Fallows
September 30: Atrios says that we were unfair concerning last Saturday’s sandwich
September 29: Joe, Josh and Duncan were all quite upset–once they saw everyone else was

September 26: Why did they tell their childish tales? Early on, David Grann said
September 25: McCain lies because of his sense of honor, Jonathan Chait now proclaims
September 24: Everyone knew the affair was wrong. But they praised it, right out in the open
September 23: They Man They Loved was often clueless—about his own proposals
September 22: They Man They Loved dispensed straight talk–except, of course, when he didn’t

September 19: Liberal leaders like Wolfe and Shakir may help Saint McCain reach the White House
September 18: Elizabeth Drew considers a thought–McCain conned the press in the past
September 17: This candidate didn’t create himself. He is very much Cohen/Klein’s monster
September 16: It’s hard to find sufficient contempt for a flip-flopper like Michael Kinsley
September 15: Joe Klein is mad at Saint McCain–now! Back then, he invented the myth

September 13: Republicans say the darnedest things! They do so by dint of their narratives

September 12: Charlie Gibson did just fine–except for that one giant bungle
September 11: How weird! Palin spoke one way in Dayton–and another way up in Fairbanks
September 10: Sarah Palin has a problem–a problem the press will avoid
September 9: Sorry, Barack–they can make stuff up! Wittgenstein helped explain why
September 8: McCain got fooled by Palin’s claim—presumably, as Palin intended

September 5: When two fact-checkers fact-checked Palin, we saw why Republicans lie
September 4: We won’t take it, the GOP said. Dems and libs constantly do
September 3: Groaning work in the New York Times may yet help elect Sarah Palin
September 2: Palin pretty much lied about that bridge–and about that tax rebate
September 1: Sarah Palin “told Congress” nothing. Today, she tells voters a lie

August 29: This must stop, Obama said, describing the past twenty years
August 28: Now that the Clintons have given their speeches, let’s review Maureen Dowd’s prophecies
August 27: Patrick “Kit” Healy and his feline liege, Dowd, imagine a better convention
August 26: We helped defeat Kerry, Kinsley cries. But boo hoo hoo–we couldn’t help it
August 25: The GOP plays the game better, he said. Reviewing his work, we saw why

August 22: Your journalism just got dumber. In the process, the chimps have switched sides
August 21: Jim Fallows, slumbering soundly in China, offers his latest prime cant
August 20: Rick Warren asked if evil exists. The New York Times answers his question
August 19: As pundits seek new ways to kill time, we hype an all-American long shot
August 18: King trashes vile racist Clinton again. But when will he criticize Saint McCain?

August 15: Charles Blow seemed to be impressed with a 19 percent speculation
August 14: Maureen Dowd keeps calling Obama names–and stays far away from McCain
August 13: Five percent of white voters confessed. No, they won’t vote for Obama
August 12: It’s the law! When the Times considers race, it includes at least one bungled fact
August 11: Will Obama raise your taxes? To Howard Kurtz, it’s a “mathematical detail”

August 8: It’s still good being John McCain, as two stirring narratives show us
August 7: Dowd and Collins pretend to be puzzled by McCain’s “stupid” approach
August 6: A famous pundit can’t think of a reason for John McCain’s childish campaign
August 5: Future generations will puzzle about the simpering of Dowd
August 4: All Big Dems get tagged this way. But to Herbert, it’s all about race

August 1: Junk economics got you down? We join Krugman in asking for outrage
July 31: Amazingly, four major pundits agreed. Their colleagues should lay off the Dem
July 30: Shear debunks a smear in the Post. Mainstream press culture thus changes
July 29: Cox gets it right about a new study–and Herbert forgets the past
July 28: “Educational experts” keep conning the Times about Wake County’s score gains

July 25: Kevin Drum reviewed Bazelon’s work. Today, we offer a challenge
July 24: Where were you when Hee Haw occurred? We recommend Rick Perlstein’s opus

July 17: Dems are pushing back this time–and journos still can’t figure why
July 16: The biggest problem with Wendy Kopp involves a key word—“influential”
July 15: Rose kept asking an obvious question–and Kopp gave the worst answers ever
July 14: The studies say TFA isn’t all that—but Charlie Rose knew how to play it

July 11: Kopp told Rose some pleasing tales. But were the pleasing tales accurate?
July 10: Charlie Rose rolled over and died. Kopp seemed like a music man
July 9: Fiction is fine, Dowd announces today. It’s just as Krugman told us
July 8: Fiorina lied through her teeth. Journalists won’t want to say so
July 7: Kurtz and Blitzer debunk a non-event. More than nine years later

July 3: The fist-bump incident didn’t occur. And Maureen Dowd knew what it meant
July 2: Why was Clark a story at all? Sadly, we’re forced to explain
July 1: False beliefs are everywhere, a Times op-ed said. So too bollixed logic
June 30: Gabler called Dowd a “left-wing star.” What makes us say such things?

June 27: Two days in December help us see the truth about Russert’s legend
June 26: Your brain doesn’t want you believing the truth. And yet, the truth is there
June 25: Three days after Clark Hoyt’s piece, Dowd kisses Democrat keister
June 24: All last year, the Post’s noble eds were troubled by Clinton’s vile stand
June 23: Clark Hoyt spoke frankly in the Times. On the web, we should follow suit

June 20: This was quite a week for press-watchers. We finish up several threads
June 19: Put the novels aside! Matthews and Klein raised actual points about Russert’s actual work
June 18: Tim always knew who the phonies were, Brokaw oddly explained
June 17: Three pundits staged a rare discussion. They won’t likely do it again
June 16: The instinctive refusal to tell you the truth lies at the heart of their culture

June 13: Mark Penn states a range of views–and Cottle calls him names
June 12: Quinn and Yglesias and Crowley and Giles spoke from a planet of chimps
June 11: Dowd reverses herself on one witch—and continues assaulting another
June 10: Kafka imagined Gregor Samsa’s decline. But could he have pictured Todd Purdum?
June 9: The “Outlook Two” named actual names–as the “Kinsley Three” showed you real squalor

June 6: Seeking the counsel of other rough men, a working-stiff star went to Bozeman
June 5: Lisa Caputo fleshed out a key point about that latest construct
June 4: We bungled Richard Cohen a bit—in part, by omitting John Judis
June 3: Too funny! Matthews couldn’t quite find the flaw with Father Eminem’s rant
June 2: David Broder can’t describe the latest non-excellent project

May 30: Your culture turns on certain rules. But will your culture survive?
May 29: Chris and Keith taught valuable lessons in keeping fake outrage alive
May 28: Obama’s campaign—channeling Murdoch—told the dogs to bark
May 27: Joe Klein (and others) invented a tale, as they’ve been doing for years now

May 24: Joe Klein hacked on your side this week. Josh Marshall praised him for it
May 23: While we wait for the juice to come on, we flesh out Judis’ piece
May 22: Journalists threw their support to Obama, Judis says, in a vast gaffe
May 21: This is the way the world starts to look when the press corps starts taking your side
May 20: Sometimes you read the work of these folk and you think you hear dead people chuckling
May 19: Tears splashed down Tim Russert’s face—and a Major Dem kissed, smooched and fawned

May 16: Howard Kurtz asked a good question. Sadly, though, Simon won’t tell
May 15: Three Post pundits attack McCain’s character. But a question still hasn’t been asked
May 14: After calling Obama a girl, a stone crackpot channels Al Smith
May 13: Darryl Fears and Katherine Seelye flesh out key advice from Obama
May 12: Kurtz and Page sharpen a point about the discussion of race

May 9: Krugman has some decent ideas. Robinson has a sense of entitlement
May 8: When Eric Boehlert quotes us, we listen. And then, we add a key point
May 7: Dowd wanted to lie about Obama. So she quoted the man-in-the-street
May 6: The basic facts on the flag bill were clear. Somehow, Poor Richard missed them
May 5: Clinton supported the flag bill, sings Collins. But guess what? Obama did too

May 2: The Times learned what the rubes must think by asking the swells of Broad Ripple
May 1: What does liberal elitism look like? Let Gail Collins show you
April 30: Klein said Hill threw the kitchen sink. But where did that story-line come from?
April 29: We’ll stand with Obama—and Lincoln. And with the Clinton campaign
April 28: Edwards tells the truth. Few liberal leaders do

April 25: At some point, the mainstream press corps passed its torch to Countdown
April 24: Like Itchy and Scratchy, Gail Collins can tell which items are tacky and cheesy
April 23: We wrote a post about the Times. But then we decided to dump it
April 22: Future scientists will demand the right to dig up Richard Cohen
April 21: Flag-pin pundits all said the same things. But so had big journos before them

April 18: Charlie and George behaved like country squires. But then, that’s what they now are
April 17: When ABC News selected that question, they showed us the shape of their culture
April 16: Maureen Dowd reaches back fifty years to sample her crackpot forebears
April 15: Aarrgh! Some liberal pundits don’t seem to know what makes a person “elitist:”
April 14: Leibovich lets us laugh at Matthews. But a great deal has been disappeared

April 11: Leibovich entertains well in his piece. But this isn’t the profile we asked for
April 10: So sang a love-sick young man. So sings Anne Kornblut today
April 9: John McCain made another mistake. But then, he always has
April 8: Trudy Lieberman gets it right about that hospital story
April 7: As we often say around here, thank goodness for Frank Rich

April 4: McCain could still win it. Here’s why
April 3: Reporters asked the darnedest questions on a great saint’s famous bus
April 2: Journalists run out of questions for Saint McCain! It helped make Lizza's profile a rerun
April 1: Lizza profiled life on the bus. Amazingly little has changed
March 31: The tsunami survivor has “fact-checked” Dems hard–and has given McCain a free pass

March 28: Having watched cable, our spirits soared when Tyson dragged in the chimps
March 27: Lizza fudged about McCain. Finally, Chris told the truth
March 26: When it comes to McCain’s fawning coverage, career liberals refuse to complain
March 25: Is John Hagee a Catholic-basher? Solomon didn’t find out
March 24: Ten years later, a major Dem leader comes up with a brilliant idea

March 21: Why in the world is Michelle Bernard praising Obama on Hardball
March 20: It was “most unusual,” Kristof says. Potentially, that’s the problem
March 19: The New York Times made the claim six times. We invite you to look at the tape
March 18: Nancy Giles invented more sh*t on another inexcusable Hardball
March 17: Watching Matthews, the truth became clear—we may have our first Teflon Democrat

March 14: Al Franken untangled that Medicare mess. Could Nozick have done so? John Rawls?
March 13: And this is how Rove wins elections
March 12: Hillary Clinton called it a smear. Why won’t Matthews repeat that?
March 11: The saddest part of Patterson’s piece is the part which explains who he is
March 10: The career liberal world has done it again. But then, what else is new?

March 7: A famous philosopher thought about Wilt–and raised our incomparable question
March 6: Oddly, Russert and his trophy wife forgot to “gang up on the front-runner”
March 5: Ruth Marcus bows to Hard Pundit Law in her latest column
March 4: Joe Klein committed a classic gaffe about one part of the press corps
March 3: Elisabeth Bumiller gets it right—but it’s time for a whole gang to go

February 29: As their own love affair sadly dies, they picture their love with another
February 28: It’s time for pundits to say what they know about the spawn of Lee Atwater
February 27: Rutenberg recast eight-year-old tales—in a way which took down a hero
February 26: The Times got tough on the Keating affair. We’d call it a major reversal
February 25: The New York Times sexed up McCain—and played it slick and slippery

February 21: Frankly, Rich was up to his ears in the latest narrative
February 20: The New York Times knows what to do when the pig dares to make a complaint
February 19: Is there any chance Bendixen was simply answering Lizza’s question?
February 18: A man named Ford plays our ugliest card in America’s dumbest newspaper

February 15: Big journos rarely examine press bias. Robinson helps us see why
February 14: Howard Kurtz shows the world how The Village profiles its own
February 13: You can read the truth about Matthews—but only in readers’ comments
February 12: A remarkable story has been playing out—unless you’re a reader of Tapped
February 11: As MS continued its very bad pattern, a very good question emerged

February 8: On page one, the New York Times recycles a treasured old tale
February 7: It has become amazingly easy to yell race/race/race at Big Dems
February 6: Obama is a Hollywood starlet, the Times’ unwell columnist says
February 5: Meyerson lodges our nastiest charge—and shows us the shape of our problem
February 4: Philosopher Foser’s cool clear logic showed us what might have been

February 1: We freshmen sneered at the young professor—then learned how very wrong we had been
January 31: Why didn’t Clinton mention John Edwards? Gene Robinson has no idea
January 30: In today’s Post, you’re deceived once again. This follows a brush with true greatness
January 29: Kristol will drag down the Times, liberals say. We ask: Have they ever read Herbert?
January 28: Was Bill Clinton playing a card? We don’t know—but the press corps sure has been

January 25: Josh Marshall, throwing hay to the rubes, finally shows up—ten years later
January 24: Margaret Carlson visited Tucker—and gave him the dope on the press
January 23: When GE can lie to you this way, you’re no longer in a democracy
January 22: Broder types his latest tales–about a straight-talker’s misstatements
January 21: Rachel Maddow got her prize—and Paul Starr pulled his punches

January 18: Matthews boo-hoo-hooed last night—and gave a bogus apology
January 17: Reading the Times, we thought it again. We’re all stuck with Stupid
January 16: Russert and Williams stumbled around–and a consensus emerged
January 15: Rachel Maddow told the truth—and then, she walked the truth back
January 14: Hillary Clinton “insults” Dr. King as the Post stokes a famous old pleasure

January 11: Why did folks finally get mad at Chris? We have no idea
January 10: Gail Collins, stuck in the Trobriand Islands, once again finds herself bored
January 9: Has polling ever failed this badly? Try New Hampshire, way back in 2000
January 8: Peter Fenn seems like a nice guy. He won’t tell the truth even now
January 7: A 16-year-story is ending this week. Most voters still haven’t heard

January 4: A graphic in the Washington Post shows us how Iowa worked
January 3: Three cheers! Todd and Milbank frankly describe their cohort’s outright corruption
January 2: Dean’s wife wouldn’t talk enough. Today’s wives are talking too much